Refurbished Furniture

From Pre-loved to Like New

Quite often we all see perfectly good, usable, and well made quality furniture being sent to landfill or even burnt just because it looks old or out-dated.

At Dragon Interiors we believe that given the opportunity then we can revitalize these pieces and give them a new fresh lease of life allowing them to be enjoyed for many years to come, also saving the owners time and money looking for replacement pieces. 

The pre-owned refurbished furniture is finished to as new condition to give it a new lease of life, we employ the same processes and materials with this furniture as we do with our new pieces, so you can be assured of a top quality 

How we do it

We inspect the piece to ensure we know as much as we possibly can know before we begin, after-all its not simply a case of sand it and paint it!

For example is the furniture made from soft or hardwood, or composite materials? it does make a difference, the moisture content, density of the wood, any glues, varnish, wax’s, polishes, it all needs careful attention to ensure the correct products and processes are followed to achieve a flawless finish.

Working with local suppliers

We work closely with handles and hardware retailer More Handles for affordable fittings and Coventry Contract Upholstery for all the soft bits.